About Me

My mission in life is to glorify God through serving, equipping, and transforming people and organizations into Christ-centered vessels by maximizing my God-given talents, gifts, and potential.
To fulfill this I will:
I put Christ at the centerpiece: I strive to apply the Christian principles in all my endeavors and ensure all major decisions are discerned through my deeply held core values, mission, and vision.
I continuously learn and grow: I devote my time, talents, and resources to transform organizations and cultivate untapped potential within people.
I generate value and service: What I do creates extraordinary value and service for people and organizations in building “vanguard companies.”
I inspire: Through actions and words, I epitomize the Christian businessman who openly practices the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
These roles take priority in achieving my mission:
Son/ Brother I provide support to my family in every facet by being there.  
Boyfriend I cultivate a long-term relationship with my girlfriend through cultivation of character and practicing of holy life.
Christian I nurture the virtues of the Christian, manifest it in action, and spread the good news.  
Change agent I am a catalyst for developing high performance culture, team, and enterprise.
Leader I serve the needs of others through inspiring others and mentorship.

2025 Vision:
I envision to become a influential figure renowned for pioneering thought-leadership in the field of Global Strategy and Human Resources by partnering and consulting for global companies in organizational development, high-performance teams, strategic planning.

2035 Vision:
My overarching purpose in life is to propagate the Good News. By serving and equipping others for success, I plan to make a paradigm shift in secular culture by infusing Christian purpose and biblical principles in my consulting work.

- Faith
- Serving Others
- Excellence
- Self-development
- Integrity

1. Authorship: Author multiple books on cross-cultural experiences, global strategy, and Human Resources and Provide thought-leadership in HR, Christianity, and ultimately author an auto-biography.

2. Speaker: Adjunct professor/ consultant/ Keynote speaker at leading academic institutions, global companies, and conferences providing thought-leadership on strategic HR and global strategy.

Paul is a PHR certified HR professional. He graduated with a specialization in OBHR at the Sauder School of Business ( Major GPA: 3.7) He has completed a 13-week Change Leadership Certificate through Cornell University

Paul has worked for three world-class companies. His breadth of experience in diverse industries coupled with his unrelenting passion for learning has earned him formal awards for exceeding expectations in the workplace.

Paul has cultivated a global mindset through broad international experience, residing in South Korea, U.S.,Canada. He has traveled more than 35 cities in 10 countries. He exquisitely understands and appreciates diverse cultures (sensitive to the dynamics of cross-cultural workplace) and channels this into impacting the bottom line.

- Jesus of Nazareth
- Mom
- Ravi Zacharias
- William Wilberforce

- Organization Development
- Talent Management
- Change Management
- Employee Engagement
- Internal Consulting
- HR Metrics
- Global Strategy